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New Mexico boasts world-class solar energy, ranking second in the nation after Arizona, with the potential to provide Solar Tax Credit brochure 1,000 times more energy than New Mexico's investor owned utilities, and cooperative utilities, presently provide. New transmission in our state would allow the export of large quantities of clean energy. Advancements in solar energy production are possible wtih strong state leadership willing to focus on solutions that provide real world incentives for citizens, businesses and schools.

The New Mexico Solar Market Development Tax Credit, or Solar Tax Credit (STC), has ended as of December 31, 2016.

The federal government will pay 30% in a federal tax credit for your solar system through 2019 and lower amounts through 2021.

Click on Frequently Asked Questions for information on how to apply for the tax credit.

New Mexico's STC benefits homeowners, businesses and agricultural entities that install PV or solar heating systems. Up to $5 million in state government tax credit support was available annually through 2016. Since its inception in 2006 through 2016, the STC has supported the deployment of 220 million BTUs per day of clean heating energy and 40 megawatts of clean electricity. Over the life of the STC, a significant increase in economic activity for solar, electrical, mechanical and plumbing business has occurred.


Tax Forms for Filing

Solar Market Development Income Tax Credit Claim Form RPD 41317 (revision 7/15/2015)

2016 PIT-CR Form - Non-Refundable Credit Reporting
Solar Federal Form 5695 - Residential Energy Credits
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2016 SMDTC PV Tracker as of June 15, 2016
The SMDTC program for PV systems has ended because the 2016 allotment of tax credits has been reached. Applications received after June 15, 2016 will be returned to the applicant.
The New Mexico Solar Market Development Program for Solar Thermal systems has ended as of December 30, 2016.


April 14, 2016 Press Release: Applications for Solar Tax Credit Pouring In

2014 Solar Tax Credit Data:

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