Coyote/Hagen Mine Closure Project

The Coyote/Hagen Mine Closure Project was located near Placitas, NM. The project consisted of the permanent safeguarding of four (4) abandoned coal mine adits located on private property in the old abandoned mining towns of Coyote and Hagen.

The project area consisted of the two (2) abandoned coal mines located about three miles apart. Because of their partially collapsed conditions, back filling was the safeguarding alternative of choice. Equipment access was not easy to reach the Coyote and the Hagen No. 1 adits. However, the contractor, Smith Construction Company of Albuquerque, utilized a bobcat type loader to walk to each site for backfilling the mine openings with minimal disturbance. This small equipment could not smooth the gob pile borrow areas as well as larger equipment could. A more complete reclamation could have been achieved with revegetation of the disturbed sites, but the monetary limitations of the small purchase format prevented its specification. Other safeguarding alternatives such as capping or fencing were less appealing for project consideration since the area is frequently visited and vandalized.

The contractor was Smith Construction Company of Albuquerque, NM.

Year Completed: 1991
Cost: $4,193.50
Project Engineer: Mike du Mond
Project Manager: Randall Armijo

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