Lordsburg Mine Maintenance Project

A previous mine safeguarding project took place in this area in 2001. The AML Program installed a well casing in a 300 ft shaft and backfilled around it to the surface. The shaft had since subsided to a depth of 30 ft and it was unclear if it would continue to do so in the future. At the request of the local rancher, the AML Program decided to safeguard it once again.

The project was located in Hidalgo County near the town of Lordsburg, New Mexico.

The project involved the following work:

- Backfilling the shaft to a depth of -11 feet
- Constructing a concrete plug (42 cubic yards)
- Installing to drainage pipes for potential pressure differential
- Installing an identification marker
- Final backfilling and grading over the concrete plug
- Regrading residual waste piles as needed

Location on State Map
Construction Drawing Used
As-Built Drawing for the Original Closure in 2001
Before Construction

 Surface Elevation

Surface Elevation
Bottom of the shaft
During Construction
Shaft has been backfilled to 11 ft below surface Concrete trucks ready to pour
Concrete plug is placed on backfilled material Concrete plug is installed and steel sleeves placed on vent pipes
After Construction
Construction Completed in February 2007 Final grading has taken place

Contractor: Runyan Construction, Silver City, NM
Year Completed: 2007
Cost: $10,346.11
Project Engineer: Mike Tompson, P.E.
Project Manager: Lloyd Moiola

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