Madrid North Mine Safeguard Project

The Madrid North Mine Safeguard Project is located in around the town of Madrid in Santa Fe County, New Mexico. This project consisted of safeguarding six mine features by backfilling. All features were located on private land. AML received two bids for this construction work.

This project generally involved the following work:

  • Removing material and backfilling six mine features
  • Disposing of various materials at a landfill
  • Excavating a coal waste (gob) pile to promote drainage pathways
  • Site Grading and Extreme Roughening

The contractor was E&E Excavation of La Madera, NM.

Year Completed: 2006
Cost: $3,189.38
Project Engineer: Mike Tompson, P.E.
Project Manager: Raymond Rodarte

shaft AML 7 before construction AML 7 after backfilling
adit AML 8 before construction AML 8 after backfilling
shaft AML 9 before construction AML 9 after backfilling
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