Orogrande Mine Safeguard Project - Phase I

The Orogrande Mine Safeguard Project – Phase I was located one to three miles northwest of the village of Orogrande, in Otero County, New Mexico. The project site consisted of 29 shafts, 26 adits, one stope opening and one winze, all of which were dangerous to the public at large. The project area was on private and public land in Sections 10, 11, 14 and 15, Township 22 South, Range 8 East.

This project involves the following work:

  • Backfilling of 18 adits, 19 shafts, and one winze using mine waste and other nearby material
  • Construction of bat closures in eight adits, including one placed inside a corrugated steel pipe culvert.
  • Construction of airflow closures with corrugated steel pipe risers inside polyurethane foam (PUF) plugs at three shafts, a beam-supported horizontal airflow closure at one shaft, and an airflow closure with a corrugated steel pipe riser and connector pipe at one stope opening.
  • Construction of horizontal bat closures with corrugated steel pipe risers and PUF plugs at two shafts.
  • Construction of bat cupolas, one with corrugated steel pipe riser and PUF plug and all with concrete foundations, at three shafts.
  • Construction of a polyurethane foam plug at one shaft.
  • Closing of specified existing access trails, by removal of existing longitudinal berms and cross sloping as required, ripping or auguring for decompaction, and constructing specified cross-ditches and pits.
  • Seeding of all areas disturbed by construction.

The contractor was St. Cloud Mining Company based in Truth or Consequences, NM.

Year Completed: 2002
Cost: $268,190.96
Project Engineer: John Kretzmann
Project Manager: Randall Armijo

Before and After Images of the Project



AML 1.8 (Little Annie Lode)
AML 1.8 pre-construction
AML 1.8 after construction
AML 1.8 (Little Annie Lode)
AML 1.11 pre-construction AML 1.11 post-construction (airflow closure)
AML 5.9 (Brown Bear Lode)
AML 5.9 pre-construction AML 5.9 after construction
AML 15.1 (Garnet Mine)
AML 15.1 - site of fatality of local young man AML 15.1 post-construction (with memorial)
AML 15.2 (Garnet Mine)
AML 15.2 pre-construction AML 15.2 post-construction (bat cupola)
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