Sugarite Gob Reclamation Project - Phase V

Sugarite loadout Sugarite coal miners, ca. 1918

The Sugarite Gob Reclamation Project – Phase V is located about six miles northeast of Raton in Colfax County, New Mexico. The project area is on unplatted public and private land within the Maxwell Land Grant.

The project site consisted of five coal gob sites and adjacent areas. Except for one area with coarse, acidic slag material, these gob piles were steep, moderately to highly sodic, moderately saline, high in clay content, and actively eroding. The goals of the project were to establish vegetation on the gob piles, to reduce erosion and subsequent turbidity and sedimentation in Chicorica Creek, and to increase the safety of visitors to the State Park.

This phase of the project included the following work:

  • Construction of straw bale terraces, coir roll terraces, diverter and spreader coir rolls, and sediment barrier dams at Gob Site A3.
  • Incorporation of wood waste, gypsum, lime, organic fertilizer, Class II compost, and mycorrhizal inoculum into the indicated areas of Gob Sites A1, A3, A4, A5 and A8.
  • Construction of coir stabilization fencing with Class I compost and sediment barrier dams at Gob Site A5.
    Installation of temporary stabilized construction entrance, construction of a short section of arroyo diversion and arroyo and wetland crossings, and clearing of trees and shrubs as required for construction access.
  • Planting of seedlings at Gob Sites A3 and A5, including planting hole amendments, seedling protection tubes and Kraft mailing tubes where required, and maintenance and protection of plantings for six months.
  • At the Contractor’s option, construction of a temporary construction access road and, following construction, closure of that road; clearing and blading as required to open an existing construction access trail.
  • Reclamation of specified access roads by ripping, amending where indicated, reconstructing diversion ditches and berms, and constructing waterbars where indicated.
  • Hydroseeding using a bonded-fiber matrix at designated areas and areas disturbed by construction.

The contractor was Samcon, Inc. based in Albuquerque, NM.

Press Release for this Project

Year Completed: 2005
Cost: $815,657.38
Project Engineer: John Kretzmann, P.E.
Project Manager: Randall Armijo



Gob Pile A3
Gob Pile A3 before construction. Gob pile A3 immediately after construction
These "after" photos show the gob pile with straw bales and coir roll terraces installed. Also seen are the seedlings planted and the bonded fiber matrix applied.
Gob Pile A3 one year after construction.
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