Yankee-Vukonich Maintenance Project

The Yankee-Vukonich Reclamation Project is located about eight miles east of Raton in Colfax County, New Mexico. The project area is on public and private land within Sections 30 and 31, T 32 N, R 25 E and Section 36, T 32 N, R 24 E, NMPM.

The contractor for this project was the St. Cloud Mining Company of Truth or Consequences, NM.

The focus of this project was to provide remedial reclamation to control erosion and sedimentation at previously reclaimed gob (coal mine waste) piles. This phase of the project included the following work:

  • Construction of straw bale terraces and coir roll terraces at Gob Sites A, D and F.
  • Incorporation of wood waste, gypsum, lime, organic fertilizer, compost, and mycorrhizal inoculum into the indicated areas of Gob Sites A, D and F.
  • Planting of seedlings at Gob Sites A, C, D and F including planting-hole amendments, seedling protection tubes and Kraft mailing tubes at Gob Site C, and maintenance and protection of plantings for six months.
  • Reclamation of specified access roads by installing rolling dips and water bars and closure of temporary access roads.
  • Hydroseeding using an extended-term flexible growth medium at designated areas and areas disturbed by construction.

EMNRD furnished the seedlings that were planted.

You may link to the all Specifications and Maps below.

Yankee-Vukonich Maintenance Contract
Yankee-Vukonich Maintenance Specifications
Project Site Map
Figure #2 - Reclamation at GOB Site A
Figure #3 - Reclamation at GOB Site C
Figure #4 - Reclamation at GOB Site D
Figure #5 - Reclamation at GOB Site F
Figure #6 - Seeding Planting, Straw Bale and Coir Roll Terrace Details
Figure #7 - Rolling Dip Details
Figure #8 - Waterbar Details
Year Completed: 2009
Cost: $
Project Engineer
: John Kretzmann, P.E.
Project Manager: Randall Armijo
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