Public Meetings and Hearings

Public Meetings/Hearings

Forest and Watershed Restoration Act (FAWRA) Advisory Board meeting:

Date & Time: Wednesday, May 27, 2020, 9:00 AM
1220 S. St. Francis Dr.
Santa Fe, NM 87505
3rd Floor, Wendell Chino Building
EMNRD Office of the Secretary Conference Room



FAQ - HB 266: Forest and Watershed Restoration Act
HB 266 Full Bill




Forest and Watershed Restoration Act (FAWRA)

FAWRA Notice of Public Meeting
FAWRA Board Agenda November 13, 2019

FAWRA Notice of Public Meeting August 6, 2019
FAWRA Board Agenda August 6, 2019
FAWRA Meeting Minutes August 6, 2019

FAWRA Notice of Public Meeting July 9, 2019
FAWRA Board Agenda July 9, 2019
FAWRA Open Meetings Resolution
FAWRA Meeting Minutes July 9, 2019
Public Appointees Join Forest & Watershed Restoration Act (FAWRA) Board

Endangered Plant Program

Brack's Cactus

State Forestry Division Amends Section 9 of rule 19.21.2 NMAC, Endangered Plant Species List and Collection Permits, Statement of Reasons - The 19.21.2 NMAC amendment goes into effect January 15, 2019.

Brack's Cactus: Notice of Proposed Rulemaking 19.21.2 NMAC
Brack's Cactus: Bob Sivinski Opening Statement
Amendment to 19.21.2 NMAC, Section 9
Technical Information/Report on Bracks Cactus
Technical Information on Sclerocactus, Revision 1994

New Mexico Fire Planning Task Force Meeting 2018

State Forestry Division Repeals Rule 19.20.2 NMAC
Rule 19.20.2 NMAC Notice of Public Hearing
Rule 19.20.2 NMAC Tree Harvesting and Forest Regeneration


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